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Book 2. Jungle Heist – Audiobook

The Associate is at it again. His intent? To carry out the most daring raid ever against one of the largest gold mines in the world. Deep in the forests of Ghana, drone technology, so out of place its almost alien, crushes the hardened defences.

Jungle Heist- Book 2 of The Response Files, An Audio Book By Rob Phayre Narrated by Ian Fisher

Jungle Heist – Audiobook

“Jungle Heist. An action-packed thriller that keeps you hooked from start to finish.”
– 5 Stars! – Readers Favourite

Deep in the jungles of Ghana lies one of the largest gold mines in the world. It’s well protected, but perhaps not well enough. Drone technology, so out of place it’s almost alien, crushes the hardened defences. What follows is a game of cat and mouse between old adversaries, through the depths of the jungle.

The countries President, unable to trust his closest advisors, turns to Max and his team to help him solve the problem.
But how can Max’s team succeed when corruption and greed will stop at nothing? Who else wants to seize the gold with the wealth and power it can bring?

Jungle Heist – 5 Star Reviews

  • “If you want to sink your teeth into a good military action thriller, take a bite at Jungle Heist!”
  • “Anyone into reading character-driven action that doesn’t let up, high crimes that drop your jaw, and drama that grabs your breath will love the visceral high stakes of Jungle Heist”
  • “Vividly described… nail-biting moments.”
  • “This book with suspense, action, gore, and power-play is ready for the big screen.”
  • “Jungle Heist is the exciting and impressive follow-up to Ransom Drop.”
  • “The award-winning Phayre is an exceptional talent.”

Rob Phayre – Best New Author – 2021 –

Jungle Heist. A gipping tale of gold, guns and gallantry set in the deepest jungles of Africa. It’s an explosive story showing how criminals really could use current technology to pull off the greatest physical robbery of all time. Jungle Heist is written by the guy who has spent his working life defending against them.

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