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Panic Buying. What’s The Science?

So, when does prudent planning and preparation instead become panic buying? Panic buying is happening more and more frequently, by what is the reason behind it? The answer to that perhaps is in the timing of the purchase, the practical reason for the purchase and the emotional reasoning behind it. Whether its petrol, toilet roll, medications, microchips or essential food… Read More »Panic Buying. What’s The Science?

Recent Media Articles and Interviews

In August 2021, a couple of great media articles were published. One by The Future of The Ocean and one by The Maritime Executive. Delighted to see them get such wide coverage, and thousands of impressions on Social Media. The article on How did Somali Pirates get paid, trended on the front page for days.

Travel Risk Management

Are Travel Apps a False Comfort? Do travel risk management Apps give you a false comfort as a risk manager? – I believe they can do. Outside Influences What good is your travel risk management App if the Government pulls the plug on the telecoms infrastructure? Over the past year in Africa we have seen governments consistently shutting down mobile… Read More »Travel Risk Management

Battle For Children’s Brains.

Recent news that China has declared it a ‘Societal Responsibility’ for computer games companies to reduce the amount of time children spend playing highly addictive computer games, is, in my opinion, very good news. This battle for children’s brains may already be lost. It is odd though, I think, that it is a communist state that has taken the lead… Read More »Battle For Children’s Brains.